The Program Review, Assessment, and WSCUC Accreditation website serves as a resource for students, faculty, administrators, and external constituents who are interested in learning more about Cal State LA's procedures, processes, and infrastructure for quality assurance, educational effectiveness, and federal compliance.




2018 Insitutional Report

Visit the 2018 Institutional Report webpage:

  • to read the Institutional Report for the reaffirmation of university accreditation and to view all included exhibits.
  • to provide your feedback and/or suggestions about the report.
  • to ask any WSCUC-related questions







Visit the Program Review webpage if you are interested in:

Program Review


WSCUC Accreditation

Visit the WSCUC Accreditation webpage if you are interested in:

  • information on Cal State LA's current Reaffirmation of Accreditation process.
  • information about the WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission (WSCUC; formerly WASC).
  • reading about Cal State LA's accreditation history.
  • identifying members of the current WSCUC Steering Committee and viewing agendas and minutes from the Steering Committee meetings.
  • locating previous reports to and from the Commission.



Visit the Assessment webpage if you are interested in:

  • learning outcomes and learning outcomes assessment.
  • information on the Educational Effectiveness and Assessment council and its members.
  • information on the College Assessment Coordinators.
  • resources, including workshop materials, rubrics, and readings on best practices in outcomes assessment.